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Just wanted to send some positive feedback - I placed my order on the 20th and received my beans on the 24th! I couldn't believe it! I have had a great time roasting green beans for the first time today. Excellent service, excellent product and excellent prices. Thank you!
Neil, Your coffees have to be the best we've tasted. We love that our order is prepared and available so quickly. A bonus is living nearby so that we even enjoy the delightful aroma we can detect during the roasting process.
Margaret Spriggs
Thank you for the wonderful service - I have never tasted coffee like this (OCR Natural Ethiopian) coffee which has obviously been roasted as a craft and not an industry. We love to know the source of our food and your webs site, along with the informative packaging helps us touch base with these important small farmers.
Marg Spriggs
I have been subscribing since 2011, well can't remember exactly, but I have coffee descriptions that go back more than 2 years & I had been buying your coffee for quite awhile before I decided to start keeping them. In all that time I haven't had a coffee that I didn't like, some I loved & a few I wasn't quite so enamoured with, but overall it has been a wonderful journey & long may it continue
David Lacey
Love the reorder button. When you're on to a good thing, stick to it!
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