Christmas Break 

We will be taking a break from Friday 22 December until Friday 5 January.

The wesbite will still be running however please note that no orders will be processed during that time.

We wish you a great Christmas and New Year.

Thanks for your support.




Single Origins

Single Origins

Our current selection of fresh roasted single origin specialty coffee.
This menu will change every 7-10 days to cycle through the best of our stock of coffees from around the world.

Most are roasted for both espresso and other forms of brewing in mind. But some coffees will be offered as special lighter roasts best suited to non-espresso brewing, such as pourover, V60, Aeropress, syphon (siphon), Clever coffee dripper, etc.

Sizes available: 250g, 500g, 1000g. Whole bean (recommended) or ground to suit your requirements.

  • Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Wonberta Natural (green)

    In the cup: Medium lemon acidity with notes of candy, mild florals, cherry, chocolate & jam. Balanced. Roast price does not include shipping

  • Costa Rica Volcan Azul Natural (roast)

    In the cup: blackberry jam, wine gums, toffee, pineapple with cranberry milk chocolate finish Roast price does not include shipping