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Single Origins

Roasted Coffee

Buy fresh roasted coffee beans online, with delivery to your door!

Each week, three or more single-origins from our range will be offered for sale, fresh roasted.

Our blends and decaf range will be available all the time.

When you buy roasted coffee from us, know that we source our coffee from high quality, specialty-grade coffee farms around the world and roast it to maximise the flavour inherent in each origin.

All roasted coffee is packed in Econic compostable coffee pouches, in 250g, 500g and 1000g sizes..

Ground coffee? Not a problem! All roasted coffee here is available ground for a range of brew methods. Read more about the pros and cons of pre-grinding.

  • Ethiopia Guji Anasora Grade 1 Natural (Roasted)

    In the cup: Strawberry, berry, winey, blackcurrant, mid body, floral vanilla Roast price does not include shipping

  • El Salvador El Carmen honey (roast)

    In the cup: Fruity, sweet and wine-like with orange acidity and notes of ripe strawberry, tropical fruit and raisin. Roasted price does not include shipping