Nehemiah Blend

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Blend with a difference
by CoffeeWala on 3/03/16
This blend has quite a large spectrum of flavour from the fruity notes all the way through to subtle cocoa/roast notes. It is quite unusual in that regard - I am used to blends being a lot more narrow in their flavour profile. While there is a slight hint of cocoa, it is definitely far more on the lighter side of the spectrum - I can feel the resistance of the beans choking up my Lido more than most. As a positive, given its lightness it has no grainy/baked defects which I taste so often in lighter commercial roasts these days. So I think it is quite skilfully roasted.

As espresso it has a nice sweet brightness that isn't overpowering.

As filter it is a rewarding change from the more generic flat flavour profiles. I do prefer a bit more body and caramel in my blends though, especially for morning coffee, wondering if MG could offer a blend of something a little less challenging for us with simpler tastes - an Ethiopia/Sumatra blend perhaps.

Overall an interesting blend and I'm glad I tried it.
Perfect balance of flavours
by Margaret Spriggs on 8/10/15
This has to be the best coffee blend we've tasted. It lives up to it's description as the balance of flavours is perfect. Nehemiah will be a regular on our shopping list.
Great way to start the day
by MB on 23/05/15
The Nehemiah Blend has a great sweet, chocolate and nutty components to it that don't hit you straight away but well up nicely. It leaves a lovely velvety coating in the mouth. Nearly every day I take my first sip and immediately think, "Mmm. I do love coffee."
by Sigrid Hawker on 22/01/14
I use this for my filter coffee. I'm not an expert but it sure tastes better than anything I have purchased from the supermarket!! All my guests have enjoyed it too.
Nehemiah + AP = magic!
by John on 28/03/13
This blend is nice espresso, but the chocolate and nutty flavours drown out the berries. They come out a little in a ristretto, but this coffee excels in the Aeropress! Using a grind a little finer than filter (4th click from tightest in the Porlex), a 40 second brew with about 15-16g of beans brings out a lovely balanced caramel and berry Americano. I think this is the nicest coffee I've had through the Aeropress so far...
Fruity and sweet
by Andrew on 26/01/13
I've used Nehemiah on my coffee cart of a weekend for the past 12 months or so and find it a really versatile blend, with heaps of good feedback from customers.

Nehemiah is well balanced, suitable for both black and milk based drinks. It really shines from about day 9, but I've often used it much fresher and still found it really good.

Some quick tasting notes:
very floral dry aroma
fruity and sweet as an espresso
Heaps of sweetness and nice chock and dark fruits of the forest flavours as a double ristretto
For those who don't like bite in their coffee
by Clara on 26/01/13
I received a sample of this with my first order and put off reviewing it until I had a chance to make a comparison and test it fully. This coffee has a sweet, full body with predominant chocolate notes. But it's a blend for people who like sweet over bite in their coffee. I quite like this coffee as an afternoon coffee but not a morning one because I like a bit of bite first thing in the morning. This blend is perfect for milk drinkers who like their beverage sweet. It's got very nice flavour and it's hard to ruin in a machine. It will not go sour or acid unless something is horribly wrong.

At first I thought I would not buy this coffee again merely because it's not my style and is a little too smooth. But after I tested it up against a well known niche brand roast I much prefer this over that. It lacks acidity but makes up for it with body in some respects. If however you want some punch or acid to cut through milk this isn't the blend to choose. I imagine this blend is very popular with women. If you are new to ministry grounds you could do a lot worse than try this simple yet pleasant blend. It's a safe choice and I doubt anyone would find it objectionable.

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Nehemiah Blend

Nehemiah Blend
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Nehemiah Blend

Naturally, and beautifully sweet, with distinct chocolate or caramel tones on the back of the palate. On the front, there is a distinct, lively but not too aggressive berry fruitiness.

Order this coffee a week ahead of when you want to drink it, as it needs 7 days 'rest' post-roast.


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