Swiss Water Decaf Premium Espresso Blend (green)

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Just good coffee, the decaf part is a bonus
by Megan on 15/09/14
Quick to roast in a popper. I nearly burnt the first batch.

It had a lovely smell of orange and chocolate from the grinder with a hint of cinnamon.

No spice on the taste though (as a doppio espresso). Well rounded with good body. Flavours of apple, raisin and cocoa with a little citrus too.
I can't believe it's not caffeinated!
by John on 23/03/13
Yeah, that title sounded funnier in my head. But am really loving this coffee. On its own it is a good, solid cup, not missing too many high notes, but not particularly complex.

I've tried a couple of different roasts, but it's a little thin at City, burnt at Full City, but juuuust right at City+. Mind you, it looks like it's going to ooze oil at city+ going by the colour, but it doesn't. It's just that it looks darker than you'd expect. Go by bean shape instead of colour, and it should come out at a consistent, dark colour with some rounding at the split.

I use this mostly by itself as an espresso latte, but it works really well blended with more complex coffees for both espresso and immersion brews. It acts as a platform for the flavours of the other coffee to come through while reducing the overall caffeine content. In a blend, use it much like you would a Brazilian.
Decaf or half-caf
by John on 14/03/13
As per the description, this bean looks very dark at city+, but has great flavour for a decaf. After a number of cups though, I started using it to reduce the caffeine content in normal coffee. In a 50/50 blend with your favourite, full flavoured blend/single origin, the flavour's all there with only half the caffeine. The decaf provides a platform rather than watering the taste down.
Excellent for a decaf
by Aaron on 10/02/13
This is easily the best decaf I've tried. While it lacks a little in body, it is excellent for those nights when you are craving a coffee without the caffeine hit. It is also easy to roast.

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Swiss Water Decaf Premium Espresso Blend (green)

Swiss Water Decaf Premium Espresso Blend (green)
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Swiss Water Decaf Premium Espresso Blend (green)

The best decaf I've tasted. In fact most people won't know it's a decaf!
A smooth, pleasant cup, lacking a little in high notes, but very good as an early morning or late night cup.
This special blend currently includes beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras and Indonesia. Works well as plunger or espresso.

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