Mexican Mountain Water RFA Organic De-Caf (green)

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by RT on 4/05/16
I have been buying a lot of this coffee as we have only been having decaf for a good couple of years. It took me quite a while to learn how to roast this bean and, as I roast outdoor, there is still a degree of variability in my results. One thing is for sure though, when roasted well, this coffee really shines. A balanced coffee with good body, good acidity and complex fruity and chocolaty notes, I find this to be a winner every time. I typically stop the roast immediately before or at second crack and cool as fast as possible. It requires a delicate approach during the second crack as the bean is quite dry.
by Gav on 8/10/14
These beans should be compared against all beans ... not just decaf. They can easily hold their own.

As stated in the roasting notes, I stopped the roast after first crack had finished and before second crack. They come out dark, but not oily. Have been tasting them since day 2 (couldn't help myself) and have found that on day 5 of resting, they are delicious.

I have been tasting them in small flat whites (double shots with 200ml of full cream milk). They have a nice strong flavour that continues throughout. They mix well with milk. There is no bitterness at any stage and you are left with a very pleasant aftertaste on the tongue. I can't wait to try them on Day 7 and Day 10. :) I thoroughly recommend these beans and am very happy that I purchased 10kg of them to try out different roasting profiles on my Hottop B.
by Christiaan Dolislager on 17/06/14
This Mexican decaf coffee is the best I've tasted so far. On doctors orders I now have to give up real coffee for a while and followed my wife's drinking of decaf. I roast it to the second crack in my iRoast2 roaster and sometimes even finish it off for a good second crack in the frying pan to get that darker finish. Our visitors have no idea they are drinking decaf. I do find this better to my taste than the Swiss. Excellent.
Delicious decaf doppio
by Megan on 12/06/14
Not as difficult to roast in my popper as I expected. There weren't too many audible pops and I used appearance & smell to help estimate my roast level (heading towards second crack).

When ground this bean has vanilla, caramel and even a touch of strawberry aromas.

As a doppio espresso it has a thin body (expected) and some nice acidity. Flavours of apple, nut and lemon with a chocolatey finish.

I've also blended it 50/50 (post roast) with a caffeinated bean.
Best Decaf
by Andrew on 16/08/13
I have found that in trying a variety of Decaf beans (my wife is a little caffeine sensitive) that the mexican mountain water method results in a much finer cup than the Swiss method (personally). Many decafs struggle with providing sufficient body to the coffee and can often result in a 'thin' flavour that dissipates quickly in the mouth. For a decaf this bean comes through well and cuts through the milk sufficiently leaving a pleasing full mouth flavour.
ROASTING: I have found this a bean that requires constant attention and cannot be 'left alone'. Slow, steady and careful roast stopping well before 2nd crack (otherwise oiling up occurs) works well especially if drinking as picollo latte or similar.

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Mexican Mountain Water RFA Organic De-Caf (green)

Mexican Mountain Water RFA Organic De-Caf (green)
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Mexican Mountain Water RFA Organic De-Caf (green)

A 99.9% caffeine-free single origin which is clean and bright, with medium body and mild, citrus acidity. It is sweet and very well balanced.

Green price is per kg not including shipping.

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