Brazil 'Toffee' Cerrado (green)

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Not Bad, Not Great
by Matty on 19/11/15
I desperately wanted to like this bean as it was so much cheaper than the other Brazilian beans. The idea was to use this as a low cost (50 -60%) base for an espresso blend and combine it with some better quality beans. With luck, the resulting blend would be better than the sum of its parts.

When I got the green beans, it looked as though some of the beans had borer damage. I roasted it in my Behmor to just the cusp of the second crack. The roasted beans had a funny, wet dog, kind of smell.

Nevertheless, I proceeded to blend about 60% of this with about 20% Central American and 20% Sumatran. The taste in the cup, while not brilliant, wasn't too bad. However, you can definitely taste the difference when you use a higher quality Brazilian.

For a commercial roaster, I can see the sense in using beans of this quality to maximise their margins. For the home roaster, however, you would be better off getting a better quality Brazilian. The few dollars you save are a false economy.
Great flavour great price
by Hugh on 11/09/15
We've probably ordered 4-5 times from ministrygrounds, and included this bean every time. The price is fantastic, it's easy to roast, and has a great flavour. Make sure it's in your basket.
by Robert on 16/04/15
This has been my staple bean ever since I started purchasing. I try lots of other green beans but this one is my must buy. It can be roasted light, medium or just after 2nd crack and it has good flavour regardless. When I roast for the rest of the family, this is the bean I use.
Difficult to roast
by CoffeeWala on 22/11/14
I found this a real tough one to roast. No matter what I seemed to do it tipped. Reducing heat early on helped but still dry tips with charcoal underneath leading to easily detectable bitterness in the cup. An internet search revealed its not just me that has this problem.... Agree it needs to be stopped before second starts, best results here for me too.

[Ministry Grounds: This is almost certainly due to excessive heat at the very start. Depending on what roast method you are using, Be gentle with the heat at the very start and build up so that first is still reached in a reasonable time. Hope that helps!]
Great coffee!
by Paul on 7/11/14
This is my favourite bean so far. I agree that it tastes even better if the roast is stopped before second crack. I blended it with about 25% Kenya Asali. Great value and great tasting coffee.
A keeper
by Sergio on 5/10/14
Reminds me of a real Italian style espresso when well roasted - deep and rich. Blends really well with Guatemala Finca Ceylan organic
Just great
by Michael on 4/08/14
Love this bean roasted just past 2nd crack. We take either on its own or as blend. Easy to roast and pretty clean. Great value
Coffee Named Toffee? Gimme!
by David on 5/05/14
I bought some of this based on the name. Absolutely delighted with it. Others have recommended blending it, so I've blended it with Daterra Sweet Blue and it's just great. Very, Very happy.
First roast success
by Tim on 20/08/13
This is my first time roasting green beans and I was very happy with how they turned out. I used an old popcorn maker and roasted for about 4 min 15 seconds for a fairly light roast, it tasted good straight from roast to grind but i'm keen to try it again in a few days (as I've read it's better to let them sit for a few days after roasting). I'm very happy with this purchase, its super cheap and much more rewarding roasting your own beans.
Very inpresed
by Adi on 16/08/13
I believe so far for me Brazilian is the best coffee (i deed not tried to many origins) . These one has a nice flavor good taste and nice cream.
Very good coffee over all.
I will have to buy more soon.
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Brazil 'Toffee' Cerrado (green)

Brazil 'Toffee' Cerrado (green)
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Brazil 'Toffee' Cerrado (green)

In the cup: Caramel/chocolate with an aroma of honey and caramelised sugar. Balanced sweetnesss, low acidity and full body.


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