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by JH on 12/11/14
The Aeropress coffee made with paper filters are too smooth and this disk is an improvement over the paper filters. It is also very easy to clean.
Changes the aeropress for the better
by T on 27/01/13
I bought the Coava Disk from Ministry Grounds earlier this year and I truly believe that this simple piece of gear changes the aeropress for better.

Using the paper filters with the aeropress has been regarded by some as a turn off, with claims of a 'paper taste' (although I have never detected this myself).

With the Coava Disk, not only does it make the aeropress easier to clean, but you also change the brew you get from it. I find that you get more body from the aeropress, but still with little to no sediment thanks to the fineness of the .008 Coava Disk.

With free shipping on the Coava Disk at Ministry Grounds, it's definitely an essential upgrade for aeropress buyers!
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Good product that improves your Aeropress
by Nicholas on 27/01/13
I've been using my Aeropress for around 2 yrs and for the past 6mths have been exclusively using the Coava disk rather than the paper filters.

For ease of use and cleaning alone I'd recommend any Aeropress owner purchase one of these excellent products.

Savvy Aeropress users will already be making their brews utilising the 'inverted' method so incorporating the Coava disk into this works quite well.

Does definitely allow more of the natural oils to get through into your extraction than the paper filters - as such most people will say that it makes the extractions more full bodied and closer to an espresso than otherwise.

There isn't a big taste difference but there's definitely something to this and when combined with the simplicity of use/cleaning these are something every Aeropress owner should add to their kit.
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Great add on for Aeropress
by Daniel on 27/01/13
To anyone that has an Aeropress, this is a great little add on for your coffee maker.

First off, it saves on having to change out the filters which is something I always worry about with coffee makers that require a specific filter. If the company stops making them for any reason, then you're out of luck with getting replacements. With this disk, you don't have to worry about it again.

Secondly, it does change the coffee slightly, I suppose it depends on your tastes, but I prefer using the disk than the filters. It gives the coffee a slightly "muddier" taste with just a little bit of sediment and the coffee turns out a little bit more bitter.
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Forget the papers, get the coava/able disk
by Muscles on 27/01/13
The coava/able disk for use with the Aeropress is a no brainer. It improves the taste and saves the expense of using paper filters. Another benefit for the tree-huggers is that you don't create waste (landfill) by throwing away a paper filter after each cup.
If you have an Aeropress you NEED one of these! (Posted on 6/06/12)
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Wonderful product
by eileent on 27/01/13
This is the most perfect addition to the aeropress which I have had for a few years.No more filter papers for me-but all the flavour of the coffee.
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Able DISK Std

Able DISK Std
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Able DISK Std

The Able Brewing DISK coffee filter is a stainless steel filter designed for use in the Aeropress® coffee maker by the Able Brewing Company.  
It has been specially designed to replace the paper filters in the Aeropress and has some key benefits:

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