Porlex Mini hand grinder

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I love my Porlex
by Lincoln on 18/04/13
This compact version of the Porlex Hand Grinder is the best friend of my Aeropress. The two are inseparable, because together, they are the ultimate travelling coffee brewing team.

Features: Consistant reliability of the grind quality, longer armed handle (compared to Hario Mini Mill) makes for shorter grind times, compact size makes it small enough to fit into the end of the Aeropress, build quality is top notch.
My only reservation is that because it is so compact, the versatility of the grinder is limited. It's really only good for making single cup serves (max 30g of lighter roasted coffee). Otherwise, I highly recommend it.

I love my Porlex. (Posted on 12/03/12)
Love it!
by Dave on 18/04/13
Amazing grinder. Simple, uncomplicated, excellent design that works perfectly every time. Very little maintenance required.

I use my porlex with my Otto (Atomic style stove top) and Aeropress. I have taken it camping, on road trips and in hotels. At the moment I use it every day because I don't have room in my new kitchen for my compaks k3 and espresso machine, and I have to say I am not really missing them because the porlex and aeropress combo is so good.

I love it.

Enjoy (Posted on 27/06/12)

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Porlex Hand Grinder - Mini

Porlex Hand Grinder - Mini
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Porlex Hand Grinder - Mini

Another fine hand grinder. For travelling, this is perfect - the hand crank comes off easily and the body is made from stainless steel so it can take a beating. As a bonus, without the handle attached, the grinder body will fit snugly into the barrel of an Aeropress coffee maker - the ideal travelling pair!
Complete with a sample of Ministry Grounds roasted coffee

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