PNG Moanti Blue Mountain + Arusha Washed (green)


Location: Dunnatina river basin, Hengano District of the Eastern Highlands Province

Producer: Moanti Smallholder Network

Altitude: 1750 - 1900 masl

Varietals: Blue Mountain + Arusha

Process: Washed

In the cup: Nut chocolate, orange toffee, and a touch of ricola. Refreshing acidity. 



Dunnatina river basin is where tens of thousands of subsistence farmers and coffee growers live in various communities scattered around the foot- hills overlooking the Dunna river.


Moanti Ise’s network covers to date a total of 473 Ha of planted coffee, with a production potential of ca 5,900 bags green bean. The average farm size (planted coffee) is only just over 0.6 ha. Most households have multiple coffee plots, near the homestead as well as plots further away in the hills.

One factor that gives the Moanti smallholder coffee its edge in addition to the unique story of this supply chain would be the coffee quality. SMS-PNG training efforts over the years have focused on best post-harvest methods that are now being observed by the farmers. From an increased focus on very selective picking (ripe cherries) to improved pulping and fermentation practices. Fully washed coffee is dried on raised drying beds where parchment defects are removed leaving an exceptionally clean 100% sundried parchment.


The Moan smallholder network is named after the person who initiated it; Mrs. Moan Ise. In early 2011, Mrs Moanti Ise started buying coffee at the smallest possible level, with one weighing scale on the side of the road. Her entrepreneurial skills elevated the supply chain quickly to 200+ committed farmers, and together with SMS-PNG achieved her first coffee certificate (Rainforest Alliance) in 2012. This is an exceptional accomplishment. 


(Information courtesy of Condesa coffee)


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PNG Moanti Blue Mountain + Arusha Washed (green)

PNG Moanti Blue Mountain + Arusha Washed (green)
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PNG Moanti Blue Mountain + Arusha Washed (green)


In the cup: Nut chocolate, orange toffee, and a touch of ricola. Refreshing acidity. 

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