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We will be taking a break from Friday 22 December until Friday 5 January.

The wesbite will still be running however please note that no orders will be processed during that time.

We wish you a great Christmas and New Year.

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Cascara, Teas, Dulce sugar, and... Zokoko drinking chocolate!

  • This organic cocoa is made in the Netherlands from a blend of cocoa from different origins.  

  • Zokoko is an award-winning bean-to-bar artisan chocolate manufacturer, based at the foot of the Blue Mountains, just out of Sydney.This organic drinking chocolate is sourced from cocoa beans bought from ethically-sound, organically certified farms from a variety of countries. The cocoa is guaranteed to use no child labour in its production.    .

  • With the same attention to detail used in creating their premium artisan chocolate, they source and blend organic cocoa powder and organic sugar to produce a truly unique drinking chocolate. The cocoa is guaranteed to use no child labour in its production. The result is a very fine drinking chocolate - not as sweet or strong as some commercial brands, but tuned to more adult tastes.

  • This golden latte blend is made with wild-grown tumeric from the Republic of Timor-Leste. Tumeric, cinnamon, ginger, pepper All ingredients in this blend are chemical-free Pack size is 90g