Rewards Program

Rewards for all!*

The Ministry Grounds Rewards program.
Here is a summary of how it works:

Most people are familiar with rewards programs like Frequent Flyers, and other programs attached your credit cards. But these have their limitations. There's often a yearly fee to pay - whether you redeem the points or not! And someone calculated that you would have to spend $161 every week for three years at one of the big supermarkets to win one free flight to Melbourne! But you would never get your flight, because some of your points would expire after two years! .

We don't offer flights to Melbourne, but here's how Ministry Grounds Rewards work:

Our system works by using rewards points as a kind of in-store currency. You earn points for doing things like:

  • Registering in the store (10 points)
  • Referring other people to Ministry Grounds (you earn your points when they make their first purchase) (10 points)
  • Write a review of a product. It doesn't have to be a glowing review - just honest and constructive (10 points, max of 5 per day)
  • Tag a product. (5 points, max of 5 per day)
  •  Purchasing certain products (see below)

 And so on...

Using your points.
As your points build, you can use them to pay or part pay for any purchases in the store. The exchange rate will be published shortly. There's no maximum limit to the points you can hold or redeem. Your points NEVER expire, and there are NO fees to pay.

For bean purchases, you earn 1 point for every $3 spent. . At other times, beans or other products will have special Rewards attached to their purchase, so you can continue to build your points up.

Another application is: if you are owed a refund for a small amount, we will use points to add to you store credit, rather than have to refund a credit card or bank account for a small amount.

As mentioned above, you can use your accumulated points to pay all or part of a purchase (except for shipping costs). If you are already registered in the Ministry Grounds store then there is nothing else to do! You can check your current points total by logging into your account anytime.

So, start referring, reviewing tagging and buying and build your Rewards total!

*Rewards are only applied to purchases by regular customers. Cafes, businesses and other bulks buyers of beans are not eligible due to existing discounts in place.