Under New Management!

Ministry Grounds' New Owner

From July 1st 2016, Ministry Grounds will have a new owner and operator.
Neil & Dave

From Neil Atwood, founder of Ministry Grounds Coffee:
Ministry Grounds coffee has been in operation in one form or another for around 13 years. It started as a natural extension of my hobby of home roasting and his involvement in Christian ministry. I and a few friends banded together to source green beans to feed our growing hobby.

It has grown and grown over the years, drawing in more and more home roasters and coffee drinkers of discernment, and many of you have been along for a good part of that ride.
Several years ago I moved sideways out of local church ministry, and took that opportunity to take Ministry Grounds to a higher level of operation.

That was a delight, but more ministry opportunities opened up and so MGC had to take more of a back seat, as I focused on my first love. That, combined with some pressing family health issues meant that it was time to hand over Ministry Grounds to someone who can continue the work of supplying excellent specialty coffees in green and roasted form.

So I am delighted to introduce you to Dave Steel who will take over the reigns from July 1st.
Dave is also a Christian pastor and someone very committed to the same values and qualities that we believe set Ministry Grounds apart from other coffee suppliers.
He is based in Canberra, and that will mean a week or so of disrupted service when we move Enzo the roaster and all the other gear to the new base.
But enough from me, I'll let Dave introduce himself properly:

It is quite an unexpected turn of events that I should end up owning Ministry Grounds. I feel like the guy on the Remington shaver adds ‘I was so impressed, I bought the company’.
I have been a home roaster for well over a decade and I have known Neil personally for many of those years. We have a lot in common - both Christian pastors and both coffee enthusiasts. Fellowship and coffee both mix well together.
I am based in Canberra with my family. My wife has an interest in food blogging and we see this as another opportunity to work together.
For a number of years I have been showing friends in Canberra how to roast coffee and developed a little buying group to buy through Neil.
It is a great joy and blessing to experience aromas and flavours. I thank God for them which increases the enjoyment. I also thank him for the people I enjoy them with – both near and far.
I really appreciate how Neil has thought through and established the business and his commitment to ethically sourced specialty coffee. I’m glad that Neil has agreed to have continued input into the business as a mentor.
Dave Steel

So what will this change mean for you?
What won't change:
  •     The same commitment to excellent coffee, equipment and friendly customer service.
  •     A comprehensive range of specialty-grade coffees.
  •     Prompt and reliable processing and shipping of your order.
  •     Coffee Sub Club Subscriptions continuing as normal.

What it will mean is a brief pause in roasting/packing/shipping while the MGC Roastery is relocated to Canberra.
So the last day of shipping will be Friday June 24th, resuming on July 5th 2016
During that time, the store will still be open and taking orders as normal.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, Dave & I are more than happy to hear them, and you can reach us through the contact page

For me, can I say what a delight it has been to connect with so many of you over the time, and to share our common appreciation of fine coffee. It's been an exciting journey to share with lots of you, and I thank you for your support (patience when things didn't always go right!) and your fellowship in coffee and sometimes lots more.
I am so pleased to leave Ministry Grounds in Dave's hands, confident that it will continue to uphold the qualities I sought to build in from day one.


 Legal information: From July 1st 2016 this business and web site becomes the property of David Peter Steel   ABN 91 5416 30099