To grind or not?

Ground coffee

Many people are used to buying coffee pre-ground.
It's convenient, easy and many simply don't give it a second thought. But there is good reason to think differently:

Whole coffee beans retain their freshness after roasting for much longer than ground coffee.
Whole beans can be fresh for up to a number of weeks. Ground coffee freshness is measured in minutes and hours.

The right grind.
Each method of brewing coffee (plunger, percolator, drip, stovetop, syphon, espresso, turkish, etc) requires it's own fineness of grind. So buying pre-ground at the supermarket is an exercise in futility, as that grind is not pitched at any particular brewing method - despite what they say on the pack!

Espresso - the most demanding.
In addition to the above, every espresso machine is different, and requires a grind tailored to its own set of parameters - machine design, pressure setting, temperature setting, etc.

Ministry Grounds Grinding Policy.
So, while it's not ideal, we are very happy to provide all our roasted coffee in a pre-ground form for our customers without a grinder. But, what we can't do is grind for your espresso machine. For the reasons outlined above, it's an exercise in futility, as even tiny changes in grind can mean the difference between a good shot and a very ordinary one.
Add to that the fact the freshness of the coffee is critical to good espresso... and you get the picture.

Which grinder?
So perhaps you are now thinking that perhaps you should get a grinder and start buying whole bean coffee?
We can help. All our grinders are listed here, The hand grinders are great for traveling or to take to the office. The electric grinders are the go for home or office use. The Breville Smart Grinder is a great entry-level electric grinder, whereas the Mahlkonig Vario is a serious home/office grinder that will be hard to outgrow.

Feel free to contact  Dave and discuss the issue further if you wish.