Hottop Coffee Roaster - Model B2k+


THE best coffee roaster for home roasters  - now upgraded to the new B2k+ standard!

There are many home coffee roasters on the market today.  But only the Hottop is modelled on the physical and operational design of a commercial drum roaster, so it’s no surprise only the Hottop gives a comparable result to the real thing.

This is the new B2K+ model, complete with the new control system AND including the additional bean probe and datalogger
Features include:

  • Dual K thermocouples monitor bean temperature and environmental temperature

  • Auto and manual control roasting

  • Temperature, time, fan speed, and heating element power can easily be modified during the roast

  • Auto mode allows operation much like older models as well

  • Numerous safety functions including manual emergency eject

To explain better the difference between the B2K+ and the older model B2K:

  1.  The timer now can be set by the user to count up as well as count down!

  2.  Bean temperature is now displayed. The color changes to this brown tone right around the time of first crack.

  3.  And now, environmental temperature is now displayed as well! Dual temperature displays using our newly designed K thermocouples. The bean thermocouple has been placed so that it is immersed in the bean mass throughout the entire roast for greater accuracy and more consistent results.

  4. Bean temperature is now used for the Target temperature (maximum is set by the user) and is displayed separately.

  5. All adjustments are now done using four knobs. Turn clockwise to increase a setting, counter-clockwise to lower. They have infinite rotation and are speed sensitive as well. No more pushing buttons or selecting a parameter before adjusting! No "up and down" arrows to deal with! The time and temp (the two top knobs) set the maximum targets for the roast. The Heat and Fan knobs (bottom two) are dedicated to those functions. Temp in 1% increments and fan speed in 10% increments. All settings are available at any time throughout the roast.

  6. USB! Yes, the KN-8828B-2K+ has a USB port located on the side of the control panel. Aritsan has been modified to accept the KN-8828B-2K+ and that version is available as of 5/15/15!
    The Fan speed and heating element power is constantly displayed
    Other notable features are the relocation of the "EJECT button away from all other features to help avoid those frustrating mistakes that result in premature ejection. The control system has been designed around a new, higher-output heating element. Our testing shows that this model is very easily capable of dark roasts that so many enjoy. The setting knobs are the infinite rotation style control and the speed at which you turn them controls the rate of change of the parameter. The display itself is easily read and has a very wide angle of view from the sides as well as above.
    More detailed information can be found on the USA website.

Note that this is an official full-specification 230-240v/50Hz roaster, fully approved for use in Australia.

Every Hottop purchased from Ministry Grounds is supplied with the following with our compliments:

  •  FLAT RATE $15 shipping anywhere in Australia*

  •  FREE 500g of green coffee beans

  •  FREE 2 x 150g valved, zip-lock bags to store your freshly roasted beans

  •  FREE 10% discount gift voucher to use towards any green beans from  (excluding Cup of Excellence and some other varieties)

  •  FREE spare Hottop rear filter giving you up to 80 roasts before you need to purchase a filter

Key features (in addition to the new items above):

  • 250‐300g roast capacity

  • Temperature range: 80-220 oC

  • Available roast time range: 8-25 minutes

  • In-roast controls: Start, Stop, Time up/down, Fan speed up/down, Heater power up/down

  • Roast memory locations: 3

  • Dimensions (cm): 48 x 25 x 35 (wxdxh)

  • Weight: 10.5kg

  • Super‐quiet operation ‐ hear the roast, not the roaster!

  • Large external stainless steel cooling tray with forced air for fast cooling

  • Two‐stage air filter to reduce smoke output

  • Large viewing window to monitor roast progress

More Details:

  • Integrated cooling tray for rapid cooling.
    So important but so often ignored! Cheaper roasters try to cool the beans internally, taking up to 15 minutes and destroying some of the flavours.  The Hottop’s large external fan‐forced cooling tray cools beans to ambient temperature within five minutes, removing over half the heat within the first minute!

  • Consistency across batch sizes.
    Regardless of whether you roast 200g or 300g you can always get the same roasted result from a Hottop.  Consistency is a big part of enjoying coffee.

  • Bean mass temperature probes.
    Most roasters including the Hottop measure the air and chassis temperature inside the drum.  For ultimate accuracy however, the extra temperature probe installed accurately measures the bean temperature.

  • Dedicated information website explains many more features and benefits.

A 12 month warranty applies on all Hottop roasters.

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Information on this page courtesy of Hottop Australia
*(Note: promotional discounts are not available on this product)

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Dammed good roaster
by on
well, hottop were always the cadilacs of coffee roasters, but the B2K+ just takes the cake. This beast is absolutely perfect for the home roaster who has played with commercial roasters. The addition of the knobs and the USB connector make this machine a dream. I run it with Artisan software and couldn't be happier. All you need is a couple of roasts to understand what the thermal mass of the roaster does to your profiles and away you go. The american "cotton wool" safety features are a little annoying - but that's life in a litigious society for you. A GREAT roaster.

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Hottop Coffee Roaster - Model B2k+

Hottop Coffee Roaster - Model B2k+
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Hottop Coffee Roaster - Model B2k+

The new B2K+ Hottop Roaster with a host of new features to help you roast at home like a pro.

Note: Spare filters available here: Rear | Top


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