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THE best coffee roaster for home roasters!

There are many home coffee roasters on the market today.  But only the Hottop is modelled on the physical and operational design of a commercial drum roaster, so it’s no surprise only the Hottop gives a comparable result to the real thing.

There are two models in the Hottop range - the "B' and the 'P'

The Hottop KN-8828B-2K (the 'B' model) is a Hottop coffee roaster with programmability!
After setting a target temperature and roast time at which the beans will be automatically ejected, the B controller gives you the flexibility to adjust the heater power and fan speed at any time during the roast to build the profile you want! And if you liked what you did, you can save the program at the end of the roast for next time!
This roaster includes a manual eject mechanism for removing the beans in case of a power failure, and a K-type thermocouple temperature sensor located more closely to the bean mass, so it is more accurate than the original sensor (though still not as accurate as our bean mass probe retrofit).

The great thing about the Hottop B is that it provides proportional heater power control, which allows you to provide constant heating at different power levels for the ultimate control and evenness in roast. It really is the controller for the roasting enthusiast!

Note that this is an official full-specification 230-240v/50Hz roaster, fully approved for use in Australia.

Every Hottop B purchased from Ministry Grounds is supplied with the following with our compliments:

  •  FLAT RATE $15 shipping anywhere in Australia*

  •  FREE 500g of green coffee beans

  •  FREE 2 x 150g valved, zip-lock bags to store your freshly roasted beans

  •  FREE 10% discount gift voucher to use towards any green beans from  (excluding Cup of Excellence and some other varieties)

  •  FREE spare Hottop rear filter giving you up to 80 roasts before you need to purchase a filter

Key features at a glance

  • 250‐300g roast capacity

  • Temperature range: 80-220 oC

  • Available roast time range: 8-25 minutes

  • In-roast controls: Start, Stop, Time up/down, Fan speed up/down, Heater power up/down

  • Roast memory locations: 3

  • Dimensions (cm): 48 x 25 x 35 (wxdxh)

  • Weight: 10.5kg

  • Precise‐control manual model 'B'

  • Super‐quiet operation ‐ hear the roast, not the roaster!

  • Large external stainless steel cooling tray with forced air for fast cooling

  • Two‐stage air filter to reduce smoke output

  • Large viewing window to monitor roast progress

More Details:

  • Integrated cooling tray for rapid cooling.
    So important but so often ignored! Cheaper roasters try to cool the beans internally, taking up to 15 minutes and destroying some of the flavours.  The Hottop’s large external fan‐forced cooling tray cools beans to ambient temperature within five minutes, removing over half the heat within the first minute!

  • Consistency across batch sizes.
    Regardless of whether you roast 200g or 300g you can always get the same roasted result from a Hottop.  Consistency is a big part of enjoying coffee.

  • Bean mass temperature probes.
    Most roasters including the Hottop measure the air and chassis temperature inside the drum.  For ultimate accuracy however, an extra temperature probe can be installed to measure the bean temperature.  Only the Hottop design makes it easy to fit a bean mass temperature probe.  We can professionally install these pre‐purchase to ensure warranty integrity is maintained. See below for details.

  • Dedicated information website explains many more features and benefits.

A 12 month warranty applies on all Hottop roasters.

More Information
For more information on the Hottop B roaster, you may be interested in the following links:

Temperature Probe Upgrade

Note: This is a temperature probe installation on a new roaster only, and can only be purchased as an option on a new roaster. For upgrade information on existing Hottop roasters, please contact the distributors at:

If you've already got a multimeter that can accept a K-type thermocouple, you can simply plug this probe into your existing meter. It come fitted with banana plugs to suit most multimeters
Passionate roasters have been adding bean mass probes to the bean chute covers for years but why would you want one?
The bean cracks are critical milestones in a roast, and while a given type of bean will crack at almost exactly the same temperature every time, various factors such as the ambient temperature, roast capacity and roast profile may mean the air temperature required to get the beans to crack is different - and that's what's being measured by the roaster. Since the difference between the displayed temperature and the bean temperature CHANGES as the roast progresses, you can never be sure what temperature the beans are actually at! Without accurate bean temperature data, it can be quite hit and miss knowing how soon beans are going to crack and therefore what program changes to make in anticipation of that.

The fact is that the built in probe on the Hottop - as with almost every other domestic coffee roaster - has an environmental' sensor, measuring the hottest part of the roaster - the temperature of the air inside the drum (or, in the case of the Gene Cafe, the air after it's left the drum) rather than the beans which are somewhat cooler.
The Hottop's environmental sensor is in fact better than most as it sits extremely close to the beans so it's one of the most accurate environmental sensors out there. By employing an environmental sensor the manufacturers can be certain the device isn't going to overheat and catch fire. The environmental sensor can still give an approximate indication of the temperature of the beans but it's never an exact correlation.
This then is where the Hottop comes into its own. One of the beauties of the Hottop's design is its inherent ability to have a bean mass temperature probe fitted, which is simply a temperature sensor sitting in amongst the beans as they're roasting. The drum design of most other roasters makes such an installation impossible to perform. A bean mass probe gives you an accurate figure of what the beans are doing, thus programming suddenly becomes a lot easier because you have accurate data to work on!

Temperature Probe + Datalogger Upgrade

This is an identical upgrade to the temperature probe above, with the addition of a datalogger for computer tracking and recording of your roasts:

Datalogger Usage
Use of the datalogger is very simple. Simply connect the plug on the end of the yellow cord coming out of your roaster to the datalogger via the adapter plug, making sure you line up all the positive (+) marks on the plugs and the meter. Then, rotate the switch on the meter to the oC setting and the current temperature inside the roaster will show on the screen. To enable the signal to be sent out on the USB port, press the RS232 button and an icon will show on the screen to show this setting has been enabled. Then, connect the USB lead from the multimeter to your computer and start the datalogging software (download below).
The datalogging software is free software provided with no warranty claimed or implied. Some of its key features are:

  • View a graph of the roast in real time

  • Save a .csv log of the roast when it's finished

  • Save an image file of the graph (.png format) for easy viewing later

  • Load an old roast profile as a template (e.g. a particularly successful roast you want to repeat) so you can see how the current roast is tracking compared to the known good template

  • Accepts input from up to two digital multimeters

  • Mount a webcam in front of the Hottop's display and the software will read the environmental temperature from the Hottop's screen!

Here are some links to various things you will / may need:

Information on this page courtesy of Hottop Australia
*(Note: promotional discounts are not available on this product)

Latest Reviews

Excellent Roaster
by on
I have been looking for a while to find a roaster that can roast decaf beans, which are usually considered a little trickier than normal beans. Being an absolute newbie, with no roasting experience, I was dubious that a small home roaster for around $1500 could do the same job as a prosumer roaster like the Toper 1kg, which costs around $6500-7000. Additionally, from the literature around, I was also worried that an electric roaster could allow the same amount of control as a gas roaster. I can't comment on the ability of gas roasters or Toper roasters (as I haven't used them before), but I can positively comment about the Hottop B roaster.

I am very happy with this little roaster. After 5 roasts, I am in newbie roaster heaven. The Hottop B is a very user friendly roaster that allows the novice to quickly get the basics down pat and then allows for creativity in the roasting process - to try out those hunches. I am also very impressed with the ability of this roaster to replicate profiles. After completing a profile that I liked, it was very simple to replicate the profile.

A special mention must also be given to Neil (from Ministry Grounds). His knowledge, honesty, transparency and overall pleasant, friendly personality has made this purchase a very positive experience through pre-sale, sale and after sale stages. The quality of his decaf green beans is also worth a mention, as I have found them to be of very high quality and freshness.

I bought the additional bean probe thermostat and datalogging equipment (Victor86B multimeter) and am very pleased that I did. The multimeter connected to both the Hottop B and my Mac PowerBook (Intel) running OSX 10.7.4 without a drama. I started Roastlogger and everything worked straightaway without any fine-tuning needed.

From the above, it is clear that I recommend the Hottop B wholeheartedly for any novice roaster. After 5 roasts and patiently waiting 5 days for the first roast to rest, I can confidently say that this roaster can (and has already) produced roasted beans equivalent to the nicest decaf beans I had previously purchased ... which blows me away. :)

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Hottop Coffee Roaster - Model B

Hottop Coffee Roaster - Model B
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Hottop Coffee Roaster - Model B

A manual roasting solution which provides great flexibility to develop your own roasting style.

Note: Spare filters available here: Rear | Top


Temperature probes, datalogger, filters and upgrade panels for the Hottop


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