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$20.00 - $29.99 South America

South America

South America - in particular, Brazil - produces vast amounts of the world's coffee. Brazil now produces wonderful specialty coffees and has a highly active local certifying organisation: the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association.

Here you will find fine quality green coffee from Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia

  • In the cup:  Dark chocolate in a thick body, displaying cherry brownies upfront, moving towards caramel in the finish. Lasting flavour. Green price is per kg, not including shipping (This product is also available in wholesale quantities. Please contact us if you are interested in wholesale prices for a minimum 30kg bag purchase)

  • In the cup: Black tea and stone fruit Use custom roast section below to order this bean roasted anytime Green price does not include shipping

  • In the cup: churned Butter, Nougat Honey, Milk choc, Plum, wine, honey, almonds Green price is per kg, not including shipping.

  • In the Cup: Floral, elegant, with honey sweetness and notes of peach, brown sugar, vanilla and milk chocolate. Price is per kg, not including shipping. Like this coffee roasted? We will do a custom roast of this coffee(2Kg minimum)

  • In the cup: Fruity coffee, on a chocolate and hazelnuts base. Delicate and smooth. Notes of red fruits and melons. Prolonged aftertaste. Green price is per kg, not including shipping

  • In the cup: Clean and balanced, with fruits notes towards papaya and melons in a malt and molasses base. Creamy and full bodied.  Green price is per kg, not including shipping