PNG Tairora Cherry AX Washed (green)


Region: Eastern Highlands of PNG
Altitude: 1600-2200 masl
Crop Year: 2015

In the cup: Choclate, ripe berry, orange, plum & grape, with a hint of cremy nougat

The Baroida Estate is located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea and was founded by Ben Colbran, in the 1960’s. Ben first purchased the land from a native man named Taro & they were amongst the first people to cultivate crops in these valleys. For the past 20 years, Colbrans served as collectors and agents for large multinational traders and ensured a consistent supply of direct trade super high quality coffees that are highly sought after.

In early 2010, MTC and the Colbran family joined in a unique specialty coffee partnership, with the aim to bypass the large multinational traders and focus on unique, small lot specialty coffees. This coffee is sourced as cherry from surrounding native estate owners; each season the Colbrans inspect their regular suppliers and buy forward contracts of the best fruit in the regions. This ensures the best quality cherry is sold to them and the farmers can then choose to mill their own coffee to parchment.

The cherry coffee is brought to the Baroida wet mill collection point on a daily basis during harvest and the cherry is sorted and checked for quality and the growers are paid on the spot for their cherry. Baroida then pulps, ferments, washes and dries the coffee and prepares ready for export. This coffee is as close to an estate quality coffee as you can find in PNG.

About Eastern Highlands of PNG
PNG has two main growing regions; the Western and eastern Highlands.
The Eastern region is somewhat more famous with Garoka and Mount Hagen and famous old plantations of kimil & Sigri.

However the eastern Highlands is more remote, with most of the coffee still grown by tribes deep in mountains, completely cut-off from any roads or western influence. Most of this coffee is flown into major buying centers and the growers rarely make the often long treck overland and rely on regular missionary buying groups to fly out and pick up their coffee.

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PNG Tairora Cherry AX Washed (green)

PNG Tairora Cherry AX Washed (green)
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PNG Tairora Cherry AX Washed (green)

In the cup: Choclate, ripe berry, orange, plum & grape, with a hint of cremy nougat

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