Colombia Hoth Supremo Washed (green)


Region: Southern areas of Huila
1350-1650 mtrs
Crop Year: 2016
Varietal: Castillo & Caturra

In the cup: Juicy cup of chocolate, apricots, apple & honey

Background: Colombia is one of the largest coffee producing nations in the world alongside Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia. Coffee was introduced to Colombia in the early 1800s and has traditionally been recognized for it’s high altitude and high-quality Arabica coffees incredibly efficient supply lines. In recent years the Colombian farmers with the assistance of the Colombian Coffee Federation have done a remarkable job in growing and promoting the export of speciality coffee producing impeccable quality.

This regional coffee comes from a single farmer group comprised of several farmer cooperatives in the Southern areas of the Huila region. The group harvests cherry from around 5103 hectares across 1318 farms with an average size of around 4 hectares. These farms are located around several well-recognized municipalities including: San Agustin, Iquira, Acevedo, Oporapa, la Argentina, la Plata, San Isidro, Isnos, San Roque and Pitalito. These sub-regions are all influenced by the unique environmental characteristics of the (Mt) Macizo Colombiano such as volcanic soil, reliable climate, vegetation, consistent rainfall and high-altitude. Most of these small farms in Southern Huila sit between 1,350 to 1,600 masl. Profiles from this region are balanced and complex with bright and prominent acidity.

This washed coffee is harvested as ripe red cherry and any immature green cherry is picked out. Over-ripe cherry is separated using floatation tanks where only prime red cherry is cleared for pulping. Pulped parchment is fermented for 24-48 hours depending on the local weather conditions at the time. Then, the clean washed parchment is sent for drying. Once the parchment coffee is at it’s optimal moisture level, the dry parchment is sent for processing at a local mill in the Tolima region.
(Background information courtesy of MTC Group)

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Colombia Hoth Supremo Washed (green)

Colombia Hoth Supremo Washed (green)
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Colombia Hoth Supremo Washed (green)

In the cup: Juicy cup of chocolate, apricots, apple & honey. 

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