Pullman Barista Tamper


The Pullman Barista tamper was primarily designed for use with an anodized aluminium handle and in this combination will provide a balanced tamper.
While aluminium doesn't feel as warm to touch as wood or plastic, it's the most resilient of the three materials and with a wide choice of colours it has the widest and arguably the most striking aesthetic spectrum. The strength and balance of this handle would make it an ideal choice for a commercial outfit or for a home barista looking for a tamper with a contemporary look. We carry a number of the andodized aluminium handles in stock, and can quickly source any that are not in stock at time of ordering.

Aluminium is an inherently soft metal, however the 'anodising' process colours and hardens the surface, making it more resistant to denting and chipping. This is different to 'powder-coating' which simply applies a layer of colour (like paint) over the top of the metal that chips off quite easily. The Barista tamper's impervious materials mean it can be easily washed or wiped to get it clean in a flash.

Timber  - Hardwood Barista handles are similar in weight to the Acetal handle, which mean they make for a bottom-heavy tamper as sometimes preferred in a domestic situation, and the luxurious woods are sure to be a hit in any home barista kit!  Note the extra cost of timber handles

Leather - sumptuous in the hand, but require a little more care than timber or alunimium. Note the extra cost of leather, and the addition ot 2-3 weeks to the order time.

The Barista base is available in a flat or convex (U.S./1.5mm curve) surface in a choice of 304 or 316 grade stainless steel.
We carry the flat, 304 grade base in stock, but can source the convex and higher grade 316 base on request.
All Pullman Barista Tamper parts are made in Australia from premium grade materials, so you can be assured of the highest quality results.

  •  a precision-machined stainless steel tamper base with TrueTamp rings for a consistent and level tamp

  •  an ergonomic synthetic rubber compression zone for maximum comfort and to minimise high-volume fatigue

  •  a set of three stackable straight-sided stainless steel spacers, providing up to 15mm of height adjustment in eight steps (0, 2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 15mm) without compromising the tamper's ergonomics. No two hands are the same and research has shown a wide variety of optimum handle heights depending on the operator's hand size.

 Stainless Grade
There are two grades of Stainless Steel available, 304 and 316. Please select your choice of grade in the options below. 316 gradse bases will be a special order, please allow extra time for delivery.

Surface Profile
The tampers are available in two surface profiles, flat and convex. Please select your profile in the options below. Convex bases will need to be a special order, please allow extra time for delivery.

We carry two sizes of the Barista Tamper base:

  • a standard 58mm tamper that will fit most commercial-size filter baskets

  • a specially made version to suit the VST baskets that many discerning baristas now use.

Care and Maintenance
Tampers with acetal plastic or anodized aluminium handles are all impervious to boiling water and common cleaning agents so can be washed or wiped as required. Do not clean in commercial dishwashers or any harsh or caustic chemical cleaners such as bleach or caustic soda, and do not allow any chemicals to dry on the tamper. Tampers with wooden handles are pre-treated with Danish Oil and will absorb skin oils during normal use so it should not need any re-oiling. If the handle gets dirty, a quick wipe with a damp cloth is adequate, but do not allow wooden handles to get overly wet. If you find the wood is getting dry, a coat of wood oil, boiled linseed oil or even Canola oil can be beneficial to the wood, but make sure you wipe it all off after a few minutes to ensure a dry, dust-free surface. These oils are not as good as Danish Oil but they should work.

The base can be unscrewed for cleaning if you wish, however once again a wipe with a damp cloth will remove any dried coffee residue. If you find the surface of either the base or handle has become damaged through hard use, we can arrange to have these restored for you.

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Pullman Tampers

Pullman Tampers
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Pullman Tampers

We are delighted to be stocking some of the world-renown Pullman Tampers!
This is the Barista Tamper - the most popular and versatile model. It comes with a choice of stainless steel bases and coloured andozied alunimium handles.
These are all 100% designed and manufactured right in here in Australia.
Please note: some options will be on a 'special order' basis. We will contact you about any delay in shipping.


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