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$30.00 and above Pullman Filter Baskets

Pullman Filter Baskets

Pullman have developed a precision and accurate portafilter basket to enhance even extraction. . 

What they say about the baskets:

'The single largest problem we encounter with filter baskets is the large deviation of internal diameters between and within manufacturers.
We invent and design products that will help coffee consumers have a better coffee experience and these products deserve the best filtration system to work within. This has prompted us to take control and produce our own range of ridgeless filter baskets designed for a 58mm group head.
A Pullman tamper, perfectly matched to a Pullman filtration basket means more control over the variables affecting espresso extraction and a superior outcome for you, the coffee maker and consumer.
Possibly the biggest piece of mind here is knowing that multiple baskets bought (eg for a 3 group machine) will all be within spec and matched in internal diameter size by us.'

Pullman Filtration basket specs:
- guaranteed internal diameter of 58.7 +/- 0.15mm
- hole diameter of 0.3 +/-0.02mm providing a consistent and uniform performance for the life of the basket
- electro polished, no burrs, no scratches, no misshaped holes
- AISI 304 material which is compliant with Europe Food Contact Directive, FDA and ROHS