• This cold dripper from Hario is both ornamental and functional, and it produces exceptional coffee.The slowly dripping cold water produces coffee low in acidity, bitterness and astringency while extracting the most delicate of flavours.

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  • Chemex unfolded half moon filters - 100 pack. Suits the 3 cup Classic Brewer.

  • New stock available sometime in April.  This is a very serious hand grinder for the most discerning coffee person.The Lido 2 manual coffee grinder is very easy to use, but also very hard-working! Cranking speeds of approximately 20 turns per tablespoon (varies depending on coarseness setting), overall a very fast and smooth grinding experience. The large bean hopper suits single serving size or full capacity for larger quantity grinding.This is a special order item - please allow extra delivery time.

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  • The Lido 3 hand grinder is the more portable alternative to the Lido 2 - but with no compromise on performance and quality.This is the ideal grinder for the fastideous coffee drinker who is on the move, and the engineering and careful selection of materials used ensure the best performance and a long life of precise grinding. Note that shipping will automatically include insurance.

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  • In the cup: Well balanced coffee with medium acidity, apricot, orange citrus and cocoa notes that linger into the finish Green price is per kg, not including shipping.

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  • This golden latte blend is made with wild-grown tumeric from the Republic of Timor-Leste. Tumeric, cinnamon, ginger, pepper All ingredients in this blend are chemical-free Pack size is 90g 

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  • In the cup: Fruity coffee, on a chocolate and hazelnuts base. Delicate and smooth. Notes of red fruits and melons. Prolonged aftertaste. Green price is per kg, not including shipping

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  • A quick Pullman Tamper clearance!This is the Barista Tamper - the most popular and versatile model. It comes with a choice of stainless steel bases and coloured andozied alunimium handles.These are all 100% designed and manufactured right in here in Australia.

  • Still with free shipping and coffee sample!(Note: Price reflects the minimum configuration - price changes as you add/subtract items from the bundle) The perfect combo:The Aeropress: A brew method that can extract the best from fresh, quality coffee.A capable coffee grinder - which is vital to enjoying fine quality, specialty coffee. And the OPTIONAL Able Disk stainless steel filter for the Aeropress Save ~8% over separately purchased items!

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