Burundi Murambi Hill Bourbon Washed (green)


Region: Mwaro, Ruigi Province
Farm:  Many small-holding farmers
Varietal:  Bourbon
Altitude:  1700-1900 masl
Processing Method: Washed

In the cup: Jasmine, white grapes, mid body, plum juicy, mid body, pleasant after taste

For natural processed coffees, after the selection, the coffee is moved directly to the drying tables where they are laid flat on a single layer and turned evenly every 30 min. This process is done daily until they are well dried. Soon, they will have organic certification when the trees are bearing fruit next year. They are also training their registered farmers to work towards organic farming techniques as well.

Burundi is often referred to as “The Heart of Africa”, and rightly so. 

The people of Burundi have an amazing spirit, and have fully embraced their raw talent for growing and harvesting coffee,  The Republic of Burundi has been independent since July 1st 1962, and is a small landlocked country just under 28,000 square kilometers. 
There is a population of just about 8 million people, 50% of which are under the age of 14.  90% of the population relies on farming as their main source of income, and coffee is by far the largest export. 
Being on the ground, our suppliers have seen first hand the huge steps forward the people of Burundi have taken to rebuild their country following their nearly 12 year civil war that ended in 2005.
Coffee farming and production has quite literally saved many of their lives.
This microlot is an excellent example of how the quality and consistency of Burundi coffee is improving.

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Burundi Murambi Hill Bourbon Washed (green)

Burundi Murambi Hill Bourbon Washed (green)
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Burundi Murambi Hill Bourbon Washed (green)

In the cup: Jasmine, white grapes, mid body, plum juicy, mid body, pleasant after taste

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