About Us

Ministry Grounds Coffee is committed to providing high quality ethically sourced green and roasted coffee. We make sure you know the year of the crop of green beans and the date of roasting on our roasted coffee. We do not sell roasted coffee that is more than a week old.

We are  very committed to many of the ethical, socially and environmental programs that encourage good farming practices and good financial returns to growers and their workers. But the coffee has to be good too. It seems counter-intuitive to prop up a poor quality product with high prices that it doesn't warrant.
So you will find many Rainforest Alliance, Utz Certified and coffee certified by local bodies at origin. But as good and helpful as such organisations are, we focus on a simple approach: buying high quality, specialty grade coffee from sources as close to the grower as possible. 
Using that approach, traceability is a given, and we find that we are buying from growers that are genuinely committed to growing some of the best coffees in the world. They are being well paid for their effort, and their treatment of workers and the land they grow on is also transparent.

Completing the circle of ethical trading means ensuring all Ministry Grounds business dealings are carried out with courtesy, honesty and equity. If you ever feel that you have not been treated in that manner, please do communicate that to us so a suitable resolution can be worked out.’

We are now based in Canberra and would love to get to know coffee lovers and roasters. We value your feedback, thoughts and ideas as the coffee scene continues to change.

As well as supplying coffee. I am a part time pastor in a local church. While I do try to get orders filled within 1-2 business days, from time to time this is not possible. We generally pack and post Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please let us know if your deliveries are time sensitive.

Fellowship and coffee go well together. I thank Jesus that he made both coffee and the people I drink it with.


Contact: dave@ministrygrounds.com.au 0432 593 942

Ministry Grounds is based in Kaleen, Canberra ACT Australia.